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Only two things that money can't buy - true love & homegrown tomatoes

Want a large, beefsteak-type tomato that was delicious, early to bear, and highly disease resistant? Your wish will come true with Big Beef.

As soon as I got my hand on this variety 15 years ago, Big Beef has never failed me. It bears large fruits with old-time tomato flavor and the vines are resistant to many of the problems/diseases that a lazy gardener like me does not have time to deal with. The fruit is borne on vigorous, indeterminate vines from summer until frost. I still recall a year that I planted 6 Big Beef tomatoes in my garden, on the 4th of July weekend, I almost cried because I was overwhelmed by the numbers of tomatoes from the 6 plants. It took me 2-3 hours to pick them all up.

Never again, now I just do one Big Beef in a pot. I counted today, the plant has 25 big beef tomatoes on the vine. Remember, they bear tomatoes all the way till Christmas in our Zone 9. So even for tomato lovers that don't have space, a couple of big beef plants can make enough tomatoes plus leftover for canning. They can be brought indoors after winter. Do people know that tomato plants can be grown as perennial? This is why the professional nurseries are able to sell their starters as early as Feb. They propagate the starter plants from the overwinter mother tomato plants from their greenhouse.

Vines grow long, so give the plant the support of a tall cage or stake.

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