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You Are One In A Melon!

Charleston Gray watermelons are huge, elongated melons, named for their greenish gray rind. The bright red fresh of this heirloom melon is sweet and juicy. Growing heirloom watermelons like Charleston Gray isn’t difficult if you can provide plenty of sunlight and warmth.

The watermelons were developed in 1954 by C.F. Andrus of the United States Department of Agriculture. Charleston Gray and several other cultivars were developed as part of a breeding program devised to create disease-resistant melons. Charleston Gray watermelon plants were widely grown by commercial growers for four decades and remain popular among home gardeners.

Harvest Charleston Gray melons when the rinds turn a dull shade of green and the part of the melon touching the soil, previously straw yellow to greenish white, turns creamy yellow.​ Can't wait!

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