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Growing Greens is like printing money - Purple Tree Collard

Updated: Jan 2

This spring, The Clayton Farm is experiencing a storm surge of on-line orders. I assume people finally realize growing their own food is literally like printing their own money. Some says "fresh" produce is as good as the marketed organic produce; if not better. I say why not both? Today we are going to talk about Purple Tree Collard, it is one of the classic crop in any permaculture garden. We all know the darker the greens are, the higher nutrients it gets. Purple tree collards, aka tree Kale, Walking Stick Kale. It is a perennial brassica that grows like a tree. Like other brassicas, it is exceptionally sweet in cold weather.

During this crazy COVId19 pandemic time, enjoying a nice bowl of ramen noodles from a restaurant is impossible. To satisfy the craving, I go to the garden, snip off 10-15 leaves of purple tree collard, add a Back Yard Happy Chicken Egg fresh from the coop, sprinkle a few of dehydrated crazy hot pepper mixed. Wa-La, .69 is all it takes to get my comfort food. Forgot to mention, we use solar power to cook the ramen. We all heard of dollar meal, but where can one fill an empty stomach with pennies, yet delicious, nutrient dense like this Taiwanese style quick meal?

On a side note, we use young tree collard leaves for salad, big leaves for stir fry, wrap with meat, steam, juicing. And our farm animals get to share some too. Who says climbing corporate ladder is the way to make money? You are printing money when you grow your own crop.

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